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Burrum River Swimmer - Yowie sighting QLD

At daybreak in October 2018 Josh and Robert were fishing from their boat in the Burrum River west of Howard, Qld, and watched in awe as a Yowie swam across the narrow tributary they had anchored in. The Burrum River is located in the Wide Bay Region of QLD and stretches approximately 31 km from its source at Lake Lenthall to Burrum Heads on the coast. The source region of Lake Lenthall which also has the Wongi Waterholes is a known location for Yowie sightings which have been reported from the region for many years. The Burrum River also flows through the township of Howard which has also had reports of Yowie animals.

Burrum River at Howard map

Burrun River QLD location map.

The full account of this sighting report as told by the witness can be found on the blog HERE.

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