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Calgoa Creek Yowie Encounter QLD

In January 2021 a truck driver encounters a large Yowie animal on the Clagoa Creek bridge in Calgoa QLD. Calgoa is a sparsely populated rural district in the Fraser Coast region of Queensland Australia.

Calgoa creek yowie sighting01

View of the Calgoa Creek Yowie Encounter site showing the Calgoa State Forest to the southwest.

Read the truck drivers report on the Blog HERE with additional maps and 360 mvirtual tour of the location.

Jamie H
There are plenty of stories of these in the Grongah National Park where the Calgoa Creek runs through the range. It's like the land time forgot up in there. One guy had his windscreen smashed by a yowie when he was checking cattle along the western boundary of the park. Wild place.
Yowie Sightings
Hi Jamie, thanks heaps for the information!! We also have some other reports from this region we haven't published yet. I hope we can have a chat about some of the stories you have heard and I'm very interested in the windscreen incident. You should have an email from us and check your junk folder if you don't see it. Cheers, John
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