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Goomeri Yowie Encounter April 2021 QLD

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Julie lives on a rural property near the township of Goomeri in the South Burnett region of QLD, Australia. She has had at least one Yowie frequent her property in recent times and caused concern for her and her young sons' safety. This is Julie’s report she gave to us.

I live on a fairly big rural property with my husband and 8y.o son. My husband is a fly in fly out worker in the mining industry and he is away in another state for periods of time leaving just me, my son Tim, our cattle dog, horse and some cattle at the property.

Goomeri location2

Goomeri Location in QLD

I love the serenity of our place and our nearest neighbours are a few kms away or should I say I loved the serenity until recently.

One of my son's favourite things to do in the afternoons is going for walks through the bush with me and our old cattle dog, checking out the dams and looking for animals like goannas, pigs and birds, etc we have on the property.

In recent times I began hearing some strange sounds in the bush when we have been returning later in the evening which I didn’t pay much attention to. Some of the sounds were like a single deep huff and having cattle on the property I just thought this was them although it sounded much deeper. I also noticed something moving in the bushes behind us on several occasions as we were walking back to the house. When I would stop to look back into the scrub behind us the movement and crunching of brush would stop and then begin again when we continued walking. I thought this must have been a single cow as this is the only thing that would disturb the bush like that. We are used to hearing many different sounds from animals in the bush. When this continued on several of our hikes, I became really inquisitive and at no stage felt any fear as we have never had anything to be fearful of out here. On one of our walks, we were heading back home and the movement in the bushes behind us began again and I said to Tim lets go and see what that is back there. On this occasion, our cattle dog had stayed by our side whereas usually he is way ahead and beats us home. We started to walk back along the track to where we were hearing the bush moving and I noticed our dog was not with us but was standing on the track back where we turned around. No amount of coaxing would get him to move and the more I tried to coax him the more anxious and submissive he looked. He did not want to come down to us. I thought he must have hurt himself, so we walked back to him, and just as we did, we heard the scrub behind us erupt just like a big bull running through it although it wasn’t the galloping you hear when you hear cattle running. Tim and I both looked back to see what all the kafuffle was but we didn’t see anything and we turned to head back to find our dog had gone and we eventually found him back at home on the verandah.

Goomeri location

Goomeri location in South Burnett region of QLD

It was while this was happening that my son started to wake me up on several nights, distraught and saying that a big black face was looking in his window. He did not want to stay in his room even though I would take him back in and look out the window to tell him nothing was there. I just dismissed this as fantasy as he’d been watching shows on TV about monkeys and the like and I thought he had been dreaming about this. Tim’s bedroom window would be a good 6 1/2 ft off the ground due to the house being on stumps and on one of the last occasions he told me about this I went around the house to his window the next morning. I couldn’t see how anyone could be looking in there being that high off the ground, but I did notice the ground was disturbed with some deepish depressions but nothing to really make me think someone was standing there.

Then on one evening, we were sitting at our dinner table when we heard a dog barking way off in the distance. It was really going crazy and was disturbing me. I immediately went out onto our veranda and I couldn’t see our dog and the terrible barking stopped suddenly and everything was quiet. Our dog always stayed out on the veranda until myself and Tim went to bed and because he is old we let him stay inside in our laundry. He had never run off into the night and no matter how much I called there was no sign of him. I was beginning to get a little spooked with the circumstances and decided I would go and search for our dog in the morning if he didn’t come back.

Early the next morning I couldn’t find our dog anywhere around our house or sheds so I headed out on my own to see if I could make sense of where he had gone. He had disappeared on one occasion a few years ago when he had run off during the day chasing kangaroos through the bush. When he didn’t come back I eventually found him caught up on the barbed wire of one of our fences he’d tried to run through. His collar had got snagged by some wire and he was sitting there patiently waiting to be rescued much to my amusement.

Goomeri Yowie

View across the dam to where Julie saw the large creature watching her.

I continued to look through the bushes along the track and I began to feel very uneasy as I approached one of our dams. As I walked through the trees along the side of the dam I was scanning my view across the opposite side and I instantly became very frightened. Across the dam standing amongst the trees in the dappled sunlight but in full view was the most gigantic hairy animal. It was standing like a statue on 2 legs and its gaze was directly at me. I grabbed the tree beside me in shock. I could see the breeze moving the dark brown hair that covered the animal and it just stood absolutely still. My mind was racing at this stage, I’m thinking is my son okay back at the house, I’m thinking do I try to run back to the house. I felt I was in grave danger and would not be able to outrun this huge creature which would have been at least 8 - 9ft tall. I began to feel very ill as I continued staring intently. Some sunlight was on the animal and I could see it had hands, I could see its chest skin through its hair and I could see its darkish broad face. I was shaking and tears began to roll down my face at this stage. I was saying to myself how could this be. I was frozen with fear trying to decide what to do. It all became too much for me and I turned and bolted back towards the house bawling my eyes out in sheer terror as I ran through the bush. I ran the entire 500 or 600 metres back to the house, got inside, locked the door and found my son watching TV. I sat beside him in tears and I immediately rang my husband and blubbered out what had just happened. He was as confused as me and we agreed to get our neighbour, Geoff, to come over which he did thankfully. Geoff looked startled as I described what I had just seen and he asked could I have mistaken the creature for a horse but he soon stopped this line of discussion when he saw how distressed I was. I told Geoff where I had seen the creature and he agreed to take a look, armed with his rifle. When he returned, he explained how he looked around the dam and found what he thought was a collection of very large, partial footprints that looked like they had toes. He said the width of the toe impressions were about as wide as two normal feet together. Tim and I stayed with Geoff and his wife that night and the next.

After I shared this with my family and some further discussions, I now believe I saw a Yowie, something I had no idea of until now.

We thank Julie for her report and the detail leading up to her sighting. Julie explained to us she plans to move away from the area as soon as possible as she doesn’t feel safe at the property on her own. Incidentally, Julie has not found her dog.

When Yowiesightings visited the location recently Julie was in the process of having some security cameras installed which we suggested when we first spoke to her. There is strong anecdotal evidence that Yowies avoid areas with security cameras possibly because they can see the infrared lighting which auses some sort of alarm or distress to them. We were unable to identify any footprints due to rain damage on the ground around the dam.

If you have had a yowie sighting or know of one please get in touch and shoot us an email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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