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Is This The Face Of The Munna Creek Monster Yowie?

Could this be the face of the Munna Creek Monster as reported near Teebar on the Fraser Coast of QLD in April 2022 by a motorist traveling to Biggenden from Maryborough?

Where is Munna Creek

The remote Munna Creek locality is split between the Gympie and Fraser Coast Regions in Queensland. The area is sparsely populated but has several regional roads, Bauple Woolooga Rd, Maryborough Biggenden rd and Brooweena Woolooga rd,  connecting the coastal strip to Biggenden and Kilkivan townships. The total population of Munna Creek is 23 according to the 2016 Census. Munna Creek itself meanders its way through several national parks starting its journey in the mountains of Mt Walsh National Park and Boompa State Forest, then passing through sections of Glenbar State Forest and National Park and continuing through sections of the Miva State Forest before reaching the Mary River.

Latest Yowie Sighting

Late in the evening of April 5 of this year (2022), Paula Hazel was driving from Maryborough QLD inland towards Biggenden to meet up with some friends. As Paula reached the Teebar area she noticed her car had a problem and stopped on the side of the road. She had a life-changing encounter. This is Paula's account of what happened that night.

Teebay Australia

Teebar location Australia.


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