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Yowie Tree Structures found at Littabella Forest QLD 

We recently (2022) did a Yowie location investigation of a site in the Littabella National Park north of Bundaberg, QLD, that was bought to our attention by one of our Yowie Sightings followers.

The trip was an initial investigation to see where the Yowie encounters had occurred during the previous year and assess the possibility of further investigation if the encounters begin again this year. We have strong beliefs that these creatures travel throughout a vast range and return periodically to certain areas, possibly for food. This belief is backed up by sightings and encounter reports from areas at specific times of the year going back through the years.

Littabella national park location 02

Littabella national park location

Our main contact during this visit, Taynia, was very helpful in describing what she and her husband had experienced in the area. We were initially drawn to some trail cam images but the more compelling evidence was in the form of various vocalizations (growls) heard and footprints found in the area. Our initial visit led us to an incredible discovery of multiple tree structures.

Yowie footprint littabella

A series of small footprints were found in the area by our witness.


What are Tree Structures

It was very exciting to find a series of tree structures in several locations that appeared to have been present for some years.

Tree structures have long been associated with Bigfoot and Sasquatch history and not so much with the Yowie probably due to our smaller population and people being less aware of what they are. The tree structures are typically made with at least three trees which are positioned to form a tepee shape and can be anywhere from 10ft - 20ft high. Footprints, large and small, have been found around some of these structures and attributed to these creatures. There are several theories as to why the structures are built. Some think they are signposts of some description while others think they are markers for a specific family area but the distinctive triangular shape is found in all tree structure locations. Occasionally trees are found laid out on the ground near to these structures and sometimes beneath which poses other questions.

Yowie tree structure

Yowie tree structure 02

"Kaos Corner" where we found multiple tree structures in a random configuration only in this small section of forest.

Littabella national aerial view

An aerial view of a section of Littabella National Park.

We found the tree structures quite by chance and Taynia had never come across these. It was fascinating to see how the trees had been pulled over, exposing the root ball. This would take incredible strength and is impossible for a person/s to do without mechanical help. I personally looked for any evidence that the structures had been man-made such as footprints, rope marks, car/tractor tracks. There was nothing to indicate these structures had been man-made. In fact, in one location, we nicknamed it Kayos Corner as there was so much displacement of trees to form multiple structures. A very interesting discovery in an area known for its Yowie encounters.

We thank Taynia and her husband for sharing their Yowie experiences.

Please remember "IF YOU SEE SOMETHING OR HEAR SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING" and get in touch to help further our research and build the database for Yowie sightings in Australia.

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