State Reports

Yowie Sighting Reports by Australian State.

Find historical and recent Yowie sightings and encounter reports from around Australia.

This page provides useful links to our report database of Yowie sightings in Australia in state by state format. Many of the stories were featured originally in the Blog and Yowie News section of the website.The reports combine historical accounts as we find them and current sightings directly delivered to us from eye witness reports. The Australian state of Queensland has the most reported sightings while the earliest reports from European settlement come from the state of New South Wales. It is interesting to note that all mainland states have had well reported sightings of the Cryptid or Hairy Man of the Australian Bush with Tasmania having very few references to the Yowie.

Please bare in mind this online database is a small part of our major database and we are endeavouring to add as much information to as we can for our supporters and people interested in cryptozoology and its Australian history.

We encourage people with stories about the Australian Bigfoot to get in touch via email initially, . Eye witness accounts are preferred but historical stories will also be considered for admission to our growing database of yowies in Australia.

Reports of yowie sightings should include the following information:

  • the date
  • time
  • weather conditions
  • location
  • description of what was seen and or heard
  • how many people witnessed
  • Why you were in the area

All reports are treated with the utmost privacy and names will never be added to published reports unless permission is given.

Yowie sketch

Portrait of a Yowie as sketched by an eye witness encounter in QLD Fraser Coast.


If you would like to present a sighting report to us please use this email:

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