The Best Way to Report a Yowie sighting

What do I do if I have seen a Yowie?

IF YOU SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING - Our team is waiting to hear about your encounter!!

Send your encounter experience to us via this email:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We get some extremely good reports of Yowie sightings in Queensland and New South Wales and we welcome any reports of encounters from around Australia. We realize it can be a daunting task to actually admit you have had an encounter with a Yowie. Coming to terms with a creature that is not recognized and whose existence is dismissed can be a difficult task and is life-changing to some of the people we have interviewed. This is something we understand absolutely as several of our team have had to deal with the same emotions with our own sightings and is one of the reasons we began researching and the setup of this dedicated website for Yowie news, reporting and research.

By reporting a sighting or encounter to us in as much detail as possible it provides extremely useful information into the understanding of these creature's habits and range of habitats. It will also help to perhaps prevent others from being caught in dangerous situations when encountering these creatures.


Here is the Yowie Sighting 101 for amateur researchers on planned Yowie searches.

  • Take plenty of photos, video or sound recordings and KEEP doing so during the event. If you are unable to do this ensure you write down what you experienced as soon as possible after the event.
  • Try to have a witness with you to verify your account even if you are photographing or filming (don't split up). It's pointless for you to have a sighting while your mate is back at camp or somewhere else.
  • Make sure you are familiar with your equipment and whoever else will be using it, particularly cameras and night vision gear. Sounds like common sense but I don't know how many times I have heard "the camera didn't work properly" or I forgot to do this or that. If you are serious, know your equipment well.
  • Back up your Yowie encounter with follow-up investigation at the scene and photograph/film the scene to its fullest extent as soon as possible after the event.
  • Make note of the time of day, weather conditions, and exact location the Yowie sighting was made.

Experienced Amateur Yowie researchers will understand the need for scrutiny of their accounts and understand the basics to do good sighting research as indicated below whether it is from their own sightings or other reports. People calling themselves researchers and being secretive about locations, vagueness with details but lavish with the story should be disregarded absolutely. We'll have a lot more to say about this behavior in a forthcoming article. In the professional world of research work is only verified after peer review which means all details are scrutinized before legitimacy can be gained.  Beginning amateur researchers inevitably make the same mistakes of failure to fully document the scene. It is so important to follow these procedures for verification if you want your photos and or video to stand up to scrutiny. We realize there will always be photos and video made in the spare of the moment and there won't be any corroborative work done to verify the sighting but if you are endeavoring on your own research and make contact and don't do this work, you can hardly expect people to believe your findings. We've seen groups go out on Yowie searches, supposedly make contact, and then do no further work to corroborate their contact. If you want to be believed, do the work and investigate the scene in as much detail as possible after the event as well as during.

If you see a Yowie and you don't feel you are in danger it is imperative you try to take photos or videos or record the sounds you are hearing and KEEP filming and photographing as long as you are able. In best practice, any form of imagery, be it still or video should be backed up by further photos at the sight where the creature was originally seen. This will help corroborate the images of the Yowie by allowing the size to be determined and to record any footprints or hair and feces samples that may be present. It's a good idea to do some tracking from the spot where the Yowie was sighted if you know the direction it went in, to look for further footprintsThis should be done as soon as possible after the initial sighting occurred to help verify the account.

Contact us via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


How We Use Sighting Reports

We encourage people to report any sightings or encounters with Yowies to be added to our map database.

The most important way we use sighting reports is to build our map database of sighting locations. This is available for all to see on this website here: Yowie Sightings Locations

The other way we use sighting reports is to publish reports to our Yowie Stories blog and News blog for people to read about sightings as described by the witnesses. These reports are only posted with approval by the witness and after we have conducted our own research and interview. Coming from professional journalism backgrounds we incorporate professional interviewing techniques to verify reports and establish credibility.

How to lodge a Yowie Sighting Report

We have a Yowie sighting report form below and throughout the website where you can fill out some details about your encounter and write a description or you can use our contact email,This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., to write to us. We can also do phone interviews of reports if this is preferred and you can send us an email to request this and we'll send our phone number to you so you can make a call. We much prefer to do phone interviews as we can provide the relevant questions needed to produce an informative report but a written report done well is very adequate also.

Sending a Witness Report - Contact us via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Make your best yowie report by following the guidelines below. Be as detailed as you can be and remember even the smallest detail, however insignificant, may help correlate a situation, behaviour, or location with other reports and improve our knowledge of the Yowie. If you are not sure what to include, get in touch with us and we will talk you through the best way to report a sighting or encounter.

To report a Yowie Sighting follow the points below to produce an accurate account:

  • Location - Where the encounter took place
  • Time of day - weather conditions etc
  • Time of year
  • Date
  • What you saw or heard
  • What you were doing in the area, how many in the party.
  • Any smell or sounds associated with the encounter.
  • Describe the Yowies features if possible
  • If possible provide photos and or sound recordings to add to to your report

Regarding location reporting, sighting reports with vague location information won't be considered. We don't put credibility in any reporting, research or whatever with vague location references. This is not only with our website but any reporting we see elsewhere that has "incredible" reports that don't have an exact location reference is not credible.  

Following the above guidelines will create a very useful report. Our Yowie Stories blog is continually being updated with eyewitness Yowie reports as told to us.

We appreciate encounter reports and you are more than welcome to make contact with us prior to making a report. Just send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we can discuss this further or send you our phone contact number for you to call us.


It is unfortunate that we recieve bogus reports from time to time and by this we mean reports that are deliberately false and misleading not a misidentification.It always amazes us at the lengths people will go to to provide bogus accounts but fortunately we have some very good resources available to forensically study reports that come in.



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