Yowie Sightings Statistics in Queensland Australia

In the Yowie world the Australian state of Queensland has the most number of sightings with 51% according to the research data from www.yowiesightings.com . From our research, we have found several sightings Hotspots in QLD being the Burnett region and Wide Bay regions recording the most Yowie sightings followed by the Gympie region, Sommerset and Scenic Rim. Other areas in QLD recording Yowie activity include Sunshine Coast, Deepwater, Western Downs, and Tablelands. Yowies have been seen and reported in Queensland since the gold rush days with anecdotal reports from before this time. The majority of QLD Yowie sightings describe a similar creature with some variation in size and coloring and reports describe a single creature or several in a single sighting event. You can read more about Yowie characteristics on this page: What is a Yowie

Yowie Reports By Australian State

The State Reports Page is a continually updated data base of Yowie sightings. Some of the interesting reports are listed below including recent Yowie sightings from 2020 and 2021:


Does the Yowie migrate?

There has been some discussion in recent years as to whether Yowies migrates to various regions in the course of the year. We are beginning to believe that rather than migrating, Yowies have a large territory range and continually roam this area in search of food. 

The large territory theory does link in with the way Yowie hunts and searches for food and the sheer size of these creatures would indicate the need for access to substantial food supplies. As opportunistic predators, they need to use surprise and ambush to catch prey and this is best achieved by not staying for long periods in one place where prey become aware of their presence.  This is all theory, of course, but the many Yowie sightings and encounter reports do provide some idea of the creature's behavior.  We have reports of the Yowie with a dead kangaroo, dingo, fox, and deer as well as taking dogs, cats and chickens. We have noticed sightings and encounter reports from some areas occurring at similar times of the year over a decade or so.

Yowie Sightings near me

It is clear from the thousands of sightings that the Yowie is not only found in remote regions of the Great Dividing Range but is often sighted close to rural settlements and towns. From the many Yowie sighting reports and historical records found we have produced a Yowie Map to document the locations where sighting and encounters have been recorded. Yowie hunters will find the map a useful resource when conducting their own research into the Yowie animal. The Yowie map is continually updated as new reports come in and historical reports are found. The Yowie Sightings Map can be found HERE.

Yowie sighting hotspots QLD

Yowie Hunters Advice

We understand the interest in trying to find the elusive Yowie but we strongly advise caution and safety when exploring regions and bushland which is unfamiliar. Yowie attacks are uncommon but bluff charges have been experienced by people walking in the bush. We believe the bluff charges reported are territorial behavior and not as a direct threat but there have been reports of very aggressive behavior causing the witnesses to flee the area. If you do encounter a Yowie we strongly advise not to run away at speed as this has been known to provoke a chase response. In many cases, once a Yowie is aware it has been seen they generally look to hide behind trees or bush and some reports mention them standing motionless so as not to draw further attention. The best action on locating a Yowie is to move away from the area while maintaining visual contact. Nighttime encounters have seen the Yowie shadow people as they walk through the bush. Stones being thrown and large tree branches being snapped have also preceded Yowie encounters. Aboriginal culture does report Yowie taking women and children and in America, the Yowie equivalent, Bigfoot, has been blamed for some bushwalkers' disappearances. So we can't stress enough the need to be extremely careful when searching for Yowie as they are large and unpredictable creatures. Some of the people that have left us Yowie sighting reports have been so overwhelmed with fear during and after the encounter that they have never ventured into the bush again. Some have sought psychological help to deal with their experience.

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